What is Mechanical Pond Weed Removal?


Pondweed-like water hyacinth can be a nuisance, but mechanical pond weed removal helps eliminate this vegetation. Unfortunately, the aquatic weed can occupy large areas of the ocean, lakes, and other recreational areas. The good news is that you can get rid of various species of vegetation from water bodies through aquatic weed harvesting.

Aquatic weed harvesting is the removal of water weeds. However, the service focuses more on lake weeds that create a thick surface canopy like water hyacinth and chestnut. Most people prefer mechanical weed removal because it is eco-friendly and helps to maintain the water line. 

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An Eco-Friendly Solution

Mechanical pond and weed removal do not use chemicals, making it an eco-friendly method. The weed harvesters remove the green covering the water surface and any seeds to prevent future growth.

This mechanical removal of aquatic weeds leaves aquatic animals like fish and other beneficial plants healthy. Besides, people living around the area can use water from the lake without water usage restrictions since the process doesn’t involve chemicals.

Weed cutters only cut the unwanted weed, leaving the good plants alive. This is different from using chemicals because they spread to other unintended plants and kill them. In addition, the death of plants in the water could lead to the death of animals like fish due to lower oxygen levels and less food.

Weed elimination chemicals also lead to soil degradation, reducing its ability to bear other valuable plants. 

Maintain Your Waterline

The harvester uses a cutting mechanism and hydraulic lifts to remove the weed. A steel conveyor mesh transfers the cut weed to a holding area to create space in the harvester for more weed cuts.

The cut lake weeds get offloaded from the vessel by a conveyer in the rear. Thanks to the two paddle wheels operated individually, the machine has high maneuverability.

Removal of the weeds using this method ensures the water levels are maintained. Water weeds lower water levels in bodies through evapotranspiration. They also reduce the ability of water to flow, which is an advantage to farmers with irrigation canals.

Benefits of Mechanical Weed Removal 

Although mechanical weed removal can be costly, it has many benefits. For example;

  • Mechanical weed removal eliminates undesired plants from water bodies
  • It is eco-friendly as there is no use of chemicals to create water use restrictions
  • It offers a long-term solution for water hyacinth and other dense water weed

Waterline Can Help With Your Lake Weeds

If you want the best mechanical pond weed removal, Waterline can help. We have the proper mechanical pond weed removal services and charge an affordable fee. Besides, we understand that you need an eco-friendly and effective way to eliminate excessive aquatic vegetation from the natural waterways around your property.

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