When you need cleaning for your waterway, you can trust that we use the highest quality equipment safe for the environment. Here’s an overview of how we use our boat equipment to remove weeds and debris:

Step 01

Boat Launch

Our boats are launched similarly to other smaller watercraft to reach your waterway areas. If access ramps or pathways are needed, we offer ground clearing and grading services to make it possible. In addition, if the topography is an issue, we have crane services on standby to hoist our equipment in and out of the waterway being serviced.

Step 02

Submerged Weeds & Overhanging Limb Removal

After launching into the water, our root rake is put to work to ensure as much of the root system is removed as possible. This decreases the likelihood of regrowth. The cutter boom then starts trimming overhanging limbs or submerged vegetation that is 4-5 feet below the surface. Our equipment is built with a deck-mounted, marine-grade boom cutter that cuts up to a depth of 5ft below and 10ft above the waterline. This organic material is gathered up by way of the front-end loader, piled up on shore to be used as compost on-site, or hauled away at your request.

Step 03

Final Touches

The last step is to leave a clean, pristine surface after the weeds and debris have been removed. The front-end loader is equipped with a skimmer bucket to skim the surface of the water to collect any floating trash, debris, or algae. We’re dedicated to finding ways to preserve the natural beauty of your shoreline and will make sure the finished product exceeds your expectations.