About Waterline Preservation & Management, LLC

Waterline Preservation & Management is an Aggie-owned and operated company based in Spring, Texas. We’re dedicated to beautifying and maintaining waterfront properties in the most eco-friendly way possible. As private pond owners ourselves, we’ve experienced the exhaustion of constantly maintaining our shoreline with tools that were inadequate for the task at hand. Once we discovered our best efforts of clearing weeds and debris by hand were wiped out by nature, we began our search for a more permanent management solution.

Today, we maintain private, public, commercial, and industrial waterways by removing excess aquatic vegetation and silt. From power plants that require inlets to be clean and clear to retention ponds that have weed growth, we have a solution that stands the test of time. In addition, we offer custom maintenance programs to golf courses, lakes, marinas, and boat dock owners throughout the Houston area. All programs are local, state, and federal requirement compliant to secure our precious water supply for generations to come.



To provide an invaluable service that is unique to our area that will withstand any market fluctuations to come. We’re here to help anyone who owns waterfront property and relies on proper drainage to protect their homes and/or businesses from flooding.

Why Waterline?

Without aquatic weed and debris removal, waterfront properties are at risk of losing valuable property quality and functionality. Our water cleaning solution is the number one choice for property owners in the North Houston area. Unlike chemical-exclusive methods, we utilize special equipment to fully remove debris and weeds from shorelines first. Whether you’re looking for a one-time service or need monthly maintenance, our approach can be tailored to your needs.

  • Effective weed removal
  • Safe for aquatic plants and animals
  • Accessible for any shoreline
  • Keeps water drainage systems intact
  • Reduces flooding damage

Our Valued


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Satisfied Clients

We thought our ponds were beyond hope and thought it may be easier to fill them in and start from scratch. We had to belly crawl to access even just a small portion of the water. Even when we were able to reach the water it was impossible to cast a line or even to comfortably set up a chair to enjoy a sunset due to the 8ft high cat tails and bamboo.Waterline Preservation & Management saved our ponds!! Not only did they save the ponds but all of the fish and wildlife are now thriving! We can now
Our boat slip, along with our neighbors dock, were completely overgrown with duckweed last summer. After a friend had recommended Waterline Preservation & Management we made the call. Within 3 days they had the entire cove we live on completely clear and free of all the grass that was killing our outboards. We all love this guy and have him coming back regularly to service our cove every 4-6 months to keep things in check.
We had 3 ponds that would be considered diamonds in the rough. The shorelines were just too overgrown with weeds and shrubs to even come close to accessing them. There was also 20-30 ft of duck weed and algae beyond the pond’s edge that made it impossible to catch any fish. Waterline Preservation & Management was able to cut their way in to launch their boat and within 1 week had 360 degree access to all 3 of our ponds! We landed 3 of the biggest bass that we even knew existed in there. We can’t say enough good things about these guys and their services!