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Aquatic Weed Clearing Services & Debris Removal for Houston Properties

Are you tired of pulling overgrown weeds or excessive along your shoreline that just keep growing back? We know firsthand how exhausting it can be to keep unwanted plants and grassy weeds under control in your pond, lake, or other body of water. Fortunately, we have a long-term solution.

Based in Spring, Texas, our professional weed clearing team is proud to provide eco-friendly weed removal and debris removal services to the Greater Houston area. Unlike other companies, our weed clearing methods keep shorelines clean without the use of harmful chemicals or treatments. Our specialized equipment is built to endure the swampiest of conditions and can be trusted to keep weeds from overtaking your property in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

When you have a pond, lake, marina, drainage culvert, or any other body of water that needs weed clearing, we’re here for you. It’s our goal to offer the highest level of customer service to both individual property owners and organizations that maintain bodies of water. With our services, you can preserve the natural beauty of your shoreline and protect your property from flooding for years to come.

Common Types of Pond & Lake Weeds

There are a number of different types of pond and lake weeds native to the Houston area. Without adequate protection, your property or aquatic life can be at risk. Our weed clearing solutions are guaranteed to reduce unwanted plants to ensure the safety and health of your waterway. Here are a few types of pond and lake weeds that we can help you control.

Floating Weeds & Plants
In shallow ponds, floating weeds and plants are more common. Some floating plants such as water lilies or water hyacinths can produce beautiful flowers in small quantities. However, as they grow in number, these floating plants can cover your entire pond. This reduces oxygen levels and can cause fish deaths.
Watermeal & Duckweed
Watermeal and duckweed are the two most problematic pond weeds. They are unattractive, difficult to control, and can negatively impact your pond’s quality. Watermeal reproduces quickly so you should act fast if you see these tiny green plants that resemble cornmeal or sand grains.

Duckweed can be mistaken for algae because it is larger than algae. However, algae do not have a root system while duckweed does. It has a small hair-like root on its underside. Once established, duckweed can quickly take over the entire surface of your pond and cut off oxygen for fish and other wildlife.

Submerged Weeds
These pond weeds, as the name implies, are usually found under or near the water surface. American pondweed is the most popular, with its soft stems and oval-shaped foliage. Some leaves are submerged while others lie just below the water surface. There are many varieties of pondweed available, including Illinois pondweed, curly-leaf, and Sago pondweed.
Emerged Weeds
Emerged pond weeds tend to gather near the shoreline, and can grow very tall, such as cattails, purple loosestrife, or shoreline grass. Bulrushes are also a problem around the shoreline.

White water lily, another emergent pondweed, can be a problem. While a few white water lilies may look beautiful in your pond’s landscape, they can also cause serious problems. This invasive weed is a hardy one that can quickly grow and outcompete native plants along your shoreline.

Weed Clearing Services FAQs

What type of weed control services are available?

We offer a wide variety of weed control services to maintain private, public, commercial, and industrial waterways. With our specialized equipment, we remove excess aquatic vegetation and silt to protect nearby homes and businesses from flooding.

Where does Waterline provide weed clearing services?

While we’re based in Spring, Texas, we offer weed clearing and control services to individuals and organizations throughout the Houston area. So far, we’ve been able to help a variety of pond and lake owners maintain their waterfront properties. If you have a residential pond, live near a shoreline, or maintain a body of water such as a marina or drainage ditch, we’ll travel to you. Contact us today for more information about our services.

What’s the benefit of clearing overgrown weeds?

Without this sort of regular maintenance, home and business owners risk losing valuable waterfront property quality and functionality. Pulling weeds by hand can become cumbersome and doesn’t offer a long-term solution. Our weed clearing services are designed to clean your shoreline quickly and efficiently. What’s more, our equipment does a good job of clearing weeds without the use of harmful chemicals to give surrounding aquatic life the best chance of survival.

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