Marina/Dock Cleaning

Need a way to keep your marina and boat docks clean? We offer marina maintenance and cleaning services to keep your docks looking their best all year long. Our environmentally-balanced cleaning method is designed to keep your area free of tree debris in a way that protects nearby aquatic life. If you live in the Greater Houston area and need maintenance for your marina, we’re here to help.

Marina Maintenance & Dock Cleaning Services

We know how important it is to keep your marina facilities clean throughout the year, even during the off-season. Unwanted weeds and plants can build up around boat docks and shorelines, causing hazardous conditions for visitors. We’re committed to making sure your marina is kept clean of any environmental waste to preserve the natural beauty of your waterway. Not only does this give natural wildlife a better environment, but ultimately, can ensure better water safety for anyone in the vicinity.

Benefits of Marina Maintenance

We offer cleaning services and preventative maintenance for marinas and boat docks in the Houston area. Some of the benefits of regular marina maintenance include:

  • Improving the visual appearance of the dock
  • Enhance the overall boating experience
  • Keeping boat electrical equipment from damage
  • Reduce common issues encountered by overgrown vegetation
  • Preventing shoreline erosion and flooding

Request a Marina Maintenance &

Dock Cleaning Estimate

Do you manage a marina or dock? Our team is standing by and ready to discuss your water cleaning needs. We’ll look at your particular situation and provide you with a detailed estimate of how we can adequately care for your property.

Marina & Dock Cleaning FAQs

  • What’s unique about your marina maintenance?

    Many people don’t realize there’s an alternative to using harmful chemicals for their marina maintenance and cleaning. By being able to float into a lake or waterway, our specialized equipment mechanically removes excessive vegetation in the safest manner possible.

  • Where do you provide marina and dock cleaning?

    While we’re based in Spring, Texas, we offer weed cleaning for marinas and boat docks throughout the Houston area. If you manage maintenance for a marina or boat dock, we’ll travel to your location.

  • Why is marina and dock cleaning so important?

    If you own or manage a marina you’ve likely experienced a fair share of debris. Tree and waste debris after an extreme storm can quickly build up in a water source such as a lake or pond. Or overgrown algae blooms can contaminate aquatic life and cause unsafe conditions for your guests. Without property cleaning, drainage issues can occur causing flooding and damage to your marina equipment.

    This is why having a regular dock cleaning service is so important. By adequately removing the overgrown vegetation and debris, you can properly maintain your marina without issue.

  • Will your dock cleaning services obstruct boat ramps?

    No. While we may request boats to be moved so we can reach certain areas, our dock cleaning services can be done while your marina is open. We make every effort to not obstruct boat ramps or boat docking areas so that you can keep your marina open at all times.

  • What other services do you provide?

    We offer a range of aquatic weed and debris removal services including pond cleaning, lake cleaning, HOA lake maintenance, and golf course pond maintenance services. We also provide water cleaning services to commercial and industrial customers who may need their retention ponds and suppression ponds maintained.

  • Why Waterline Preservation & Management?

    As a family-owned business, customer service and quality work are at the forefront of everything we do. Unlike other contractors, we take the time to preserve the natural beauty of your pond in a way that will last all season long. It’s our goal to leave you with a product that will exceed your expectations and enhance the quality of your neighborhood or community.

Take Advanage of Our New

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Weed Clearing

  • Keep overgrown vegetation and harmful algae at bay
  • Protect aquatic plant life and animals year-round
  • Save time and money from storm cleanup

Debris Removal

  • Eliminate hazardous waste from your shorelines
  • Prevent water contamination and pollution
  • Enhance water quality

Regular Upkeep

  • Preserve your waterways’ appearance
  • Address drainage issues before it’s too late
  • Prevent flash flooding and property damage