Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Weeds, overgrown vegetation, and debris are a constant problem for waterways in the Houston area. Unfortunately, one cleaning is not enough to keep drainage issues and harmful bacteria at bay. If you’re like most property owners and managers, regular pond cleaning is often pushed to the side or forgotten about. That’s why having a scheduled maintenance service is so important.

Scheduled Water Cleaning & Maintenance Plans

Waterline is proud to offer a Scheduled Maintenance Plan for your lake, pond, or water feature completely customized to your needs. Instead of procrastinating or waiting until the next spring cleaning, you can sign up for ongoing maintenance and leave the work to us. With monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance plans available, we’ll set a recurring schedule and keep your waterways looking good all year long.

Maintenance Plan Features

At every appointment, our maintenance company will clear weeds, remove debris, and provide regular upkeep for your property. Don’t hesitate to partner with our cleaning professionals for your waterway care.

Plan Includes:

  • Available for residential and commercial customers
  • Thorough cleaning of all shorelines and drainage areas
  • Discounted rates depending on waterway needs and plan duration
  • Prevent water contamination and pollution from harmful bacteria
  • Protect aquatic plant life and animals from adverse environmental changes
  • Trusted flood protection, especially for low-lying areas