What is Duckweed Removal?


Have you ever wondered, “What is duckweed removal?” Well, removing duckweed from water is one of the most challenging tasks among property owners. These plants can be a nuisance now that they bear seeds and grow in colonies. Also, they’re too aggressive and can occupy the entire pond water surface. We’ll show you how to kill duckweed.

Failure to remove or control the growth of duckweed in your pond can result in devastating impacts. Since duckweed plants can cover the entire water surface, they cut off oxygen circulation in the water below. This makes it hard for fish and other aquatic animals to survive. For this reason, getting rid of duckweed is vital.

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Let’s look at what duckweed is and how to remove this aquatic vegetation from the water.

What is Duckweed? 

Duckweed is a rapidly growing aquatic plant that spreads faster on the pond or lake water surface, depriving the water bodies of oxygen. The plants overgrow in nutrient-rich ponds, such as those with stratified leaves on the bottom. You’ll find them mostly in older and stagnant ponds. However, ponds in motion require less duckweed control.

Common Removal Tactics

Duckweed can take over the entire pond surface. For this reason, getting rid of these invasive plants is essential to improve the health of your pond and its aquatic life.

Here are the tips to eliminate duckweed in your pond.

  • Duckweed Predators: Add natural duckweed predators to the pond water, such as goldfish and grass carp. They eat duckweed, preventing duckweed growth.
  • Water Aeration: Duckweed usually grows in stagnant or slow-moving water. Aerating water will remove the grown duckweed and discourage further growth.
  • Raking the Water: You can physically use a rake to remove the duckweed from your pond water. Dispose of the plants away from any water body.

Our Method

It is extremely difficult to remove duckweed with rakes or other hand tools as you run the risk of missing some of it. That is why we use our boat equipment and skim the surface as well as remove as much decaying leaf debris from the bottom. This will help prevent future blooms and be the absolute best, long-term solution. Ask us about an annual maintenance program to learn more.

Mechanical Removal Benefits

Mechanical duckweed removal involves using fine nets, a vacuum, or a pond skimmer to remove the grown duckweed plants. The removal method is environmentally friendly and safer for aquatic life. However, wait until the wind blows the duckweed to collect in one direction for quick removal. Artificial waterfalls can also push the plants to one side.

Waterline Can Help

What is duckweed removal? So far, you understand how duckweed poses significant risks to the aquatic life in your pond and how to remove the duckweed. If you have trouble eliminating duckweed from your pond, let Waterline help you. We use sustainable and environmentally-friendly techniques to get rid of duckweed.

Contact us today to discuss your duckweed removal project with our experts.