What is Shoreline Restoration?


If you have a body of water on your land you may have heard of shoreline restoration and wondered, “What’s that?” Well, a shoreline restoration project involves using native vegetation to buffer the space between the water’s edge and your yard. The shoreline buffer replaces turf grass, so you don’t need to mow it. Instead, you let nature take over.

Shoreline restoration projects aim to protect the impaired ecological function of shorelines. While the projects don’t reduce flooding exposure, they reduce your vulnerability. Native trees, forbs, shrubs, and grasses along the shorelines have long roots that withstand flooding.

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Let’s look at how shoreline restoration projects can improve coastal resilience.

What is Plant Erosion? Living Shorelines

Erosion can always occur along the shoreline but can be counteracted by planting living shorelines. Growing deep-rooted native plants along coastal areas encourage shoreline stabilization and reduce erosion. It also creates valuable habitats to enhance coastal resilience. Unlike concrete seawalls, plant-based shorelines are lively and eco-friendly.

Possible Solutions

You can restore shorelines along your yard in many ways, depending on the shoreline’s nature. Besides creating a shoreline buffer with native vegetation, you can also:

  • Debris Removal: Remove all the deadfall trees and wood logs from the water. Cleaning also involves removing overgrown shrubs, weeds, and debris.
  • Restore Wetlands (Ponds and Swamps): If the pond, swamp, or canal along your yard gets choked with sediments or weeds, you can clear it.
  • Skim the Algae and Debris: You can restore your shorelines by skimming and removing excess duckweed, algae, or debris from the water before sinking.

Waterline Can Help

Whether you want to clean up your shorelines, restore wetlands, or remove excess algae from the neighboring water bodies, you can count on Waterline Preservation & Maintenance. 

We use mechanical practices to maintain waterways and water bodies. This includes private ponds, boat docks, retention ponds, marinas, and golf courses.

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To recap, shoreline restoration involves creating a shoreline buffer to improve water quality, reduce erosion, protect wildlife, and intercept contaminants. You can schedule an appointment with Waterline Preservation & Maintenance to help bring your shorelines to life.

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