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Green Technology: Chemical Free Weed Removal & Debris Removal

Harmful Effects of Chemicals

When you’re faced with overgrown water weeds, vegetation, or excessive debris in your lake or pond, it can be tempting to turn to chemical herbicides for a quick solution. Unfortunately, these chemical treatments are designed to kill plants without full removal. Having an abundance of dead plant matter in your water can increase the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous in your water, making it vulnerable to further plant invasion. What’s more, decaying plant matter removes the amount of oxygen in the water and creates potentially life-threatening conditions for aquatic animals.

Our Eco-Friendly Solution

This is why owners of waterways need a better solution. Our specialized boat equipment mechanically removes the plant weeds entirely. Not only does this ensure long-term preservation, but in turn, helps to protect against the harmful effects of chemical treatments.

In addition, our boats are built with a cyclonic hydraulic system that provides eco-friendly fluid to a high-efficiency triple pump setup. This ensures an operation that is both clean and safe for aquatic life native to the area.

Need Waterway Cleaning?

We're ready and available to clean your lake, pond, stream, or drainage ditch in the most eco-friendly way possible. Schedule your waterway cleaning by filling out the form below. One of our representatives will be in touch within the next 24-48 hours!

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