What is a Flood Control Lake?


You’ve probably heard about flood-control lakes and dams, and you may wonder, “What is a flood-control lake?” Most lakes or reservoirs in Texas were constructed to tame the rivers and streams in the state. That’s because the rivers could swell beyond the banks and cause raging floods. So only the flood-control lakes could help solve the problem.

So, what is a flood-control lake? A flood control lake is a water reservoir built to control flooding downstream. The water levels in this type of lake may always vary. As a result, property owners near these reservoirs don’t experience stable water levels. Their function is only to hold flood water during major rainstorms. 

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Flood Control Reservoirs

The primary purpose of flood control reservoirs is to store flood water temporarily and release it slowly at a safer rate after the floods. As a result, it won’t cause any damage downstream. However, they require large spillways and sluiceways to ensure the excess stored floodwater doesn’t rapidly flow when released. Therefore, you can refer to them as flood-prevention reservoirs.

Types of Flood Control Lakes

Flood control lakes fall into two categories: storage reservoirs and retarding basins.

  • Storage Reservoirs: The spillways and sluiceways of storage reservoirs have gates and valves to control the release of water from the lake. These reservoirs provide more control over floodwater, allowing people to use the water wisely.
  • Retarding Basins: The reservoirs have no gates at spillways and sluice outlets. So when there’s flooding, the reservoir fills up first up to a certain level, then the sluice outlets discharge water. The water will start escaping through the spillways when the water level rises further.

Maintenance is Important

Since flood-control lakes are vital in controlling floods, maintaining them is essential, especially if you own a property near the water bodies. Maintenance involves removing the overgrown vegetation from the water to improve aesthetics around your home. You can also remove all the water weeds growing at the lake banks.

Let Waterline Help

So far, you should no longer ponder, “What is a flood-control lake?” As the name suggests, these lakes help to mitigate the devastating damage caused by floodwater. However, maintenance is essential as it helps to keep the water clean and usable. Thankfully, Waterline can help with flood-control lake maintenance.

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