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Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Control

Waterline Preservation & Management specializes in Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Control services. The first step in clearing your waterway is to identify which plants are actually weeds and what is supposed to be there. Removing all plants may damage your ecosystem even more, that’s why it’s important to be able to differentiate between the two. Aquatic vegetation is an important component of freshwater systems. It provides habitat, refuge, and food for many organisms, including fish, invertebrates, and waterfowl.
There are also instances when excessive aquatic vegetation growth may detrimentally affect fishery and wildlife resources, or limit access to fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities. The other reasons aquatic vegetation can reach nuisance levels include disturbed habitats and nutrient loads. The state’s aquatic and terrestrial landscapes were dramatically altered by the construction of Texas reservoirs. These reservoirs provide flood control, water for agriculture, municipalities, power plant cooling, and areas for recreational use. They also offer fish and wildlife habitats that were not possible in Texas. These new reservoirs have greatly helped the Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Control industry since they provide flood control and water for various different uses. Here at Waterline Preservation & Management, our highly knowledgeable staff can differentiate between important vegetation and unwanted vegetation to keep your waterway clear and healthy. Part of Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Control is knowing what to remove and what to leave. Trust Waterline Preservation & Management to clear your waterway safely and ecofriendly.

Here at Waterline Preservation & Management, we want to see your waterway preserve its natural beauty without harming it with toxic chemicals or removing necessary vegetation. Trust Waterline Preservation & Management to handle your Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Control needs in an ecofriendly way that doesn’t harm the surrounding environment.

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Video of our team removing overgrown vegetation from a Texas Waterway.
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